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Part three

How do you and your children fall under the torture of terrorists?

22. The main place of processing of people put “on the computer” is residential premises. Most of the instructions relate to handling people in apartments. Moreover, the most important thing is supplying of aerosols to apartments at night, when a person is sleeping and inhaling saturates his/her body.

23. According to the instructions for the SS, preference is given to the supply of aerosols from the apartment, which is located on the floor above. Next to the heating and water supply pipes, a small hole is drilled. It is ensured that the aerosols do not return back. To do this, the aerosol is supplied under pressure, and then the hole is sealed. In addition, an important place for the SS is the ventilation ducts. Don’t be so sure that they are drawing air out of your apartment. For example, arsenic compounds released in the kitchen from above will “settle” and spread in your kitchen. As a rule, there will not be the smell of arsenic, but there will be a “seasoned” smell of fried chicken or the smell of cooking meat in the oven. In the toilet, the aerosol can be seasoned with the smell of tobacco.

24. According to the latest recommendation, an apartment next to your kitchen is used. As a rule, according to the project of the house, this is also a kitchen. The next door apartment is advantageous for the SS terrorists in that it is possible to deliver viruses and other bacteriological agents in addition to “chemistry”. It is very often that they drill a hole at the joints of panels at neighbors’ or under the flooring in your apartment. In these places, the building materials are soft. The panel itself is drilled only in special cases.

25. Kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, bedrooms are the most important places for terrorist acts.

26. Secondly, there are the apartments on the side (if there were decent people on top of your apartment and the SS representative was not allowed to come in). In panel houses, through holes are used, which are in the panels for electricity (power points, switches, connecting boxes). It happens that the pipes in the bathroom or toilet or in the kitchen go to the neighbors. Near them, there are soft construction materials that are convenient for drilling. And again, someone’s kitchen is next to you. However, if your bedroom is located in the center of the apartment, then the side option for the SS is not convenient.

27. The last thing is the recommendation to use the lower apartment. It happens that representatives of the SS do not have the opportunity to climb from above or from aside. You can be sure they won’t go back down. The lower apartment is less comfortable. You need to apply the aerosol at night, therefore, at night you will have to get to the ceiling (near the pipes). In old apartments with high ceilings, this creates a lot of inconvenience. If you have a double layer of floor in an old apartment, then the aerosol is allowed under the floor. In general, to serve an aerosol with “chemistry” under the parquet or under the floor is a favorite technique of the SS or the scumbags hired by them.

28. Despite the variety, it is easy to remember: pipes, ventilation ducts, floor.

29. Sewer pipes (when you have open holes in the bathtub, in the sink, with slits connected to the joints of sewer pipes) are used when pumping your apartment with binary gases. In other words, you will inhale one part at home, and the other, for example, in the office.

30. Everyone who lives in this apartment will be “pumped up” with chemical or bacteriological agents regularly. That is why children, pregnant women, and the elderly fall under the terrorism of Putin’s SS.

31. Recently, the SS army gang has increased the schedule of defeating people in their own apartments.

32. You have a legitimate question: how do the SS enter the apartments from which they will commit terrorist acts? We made tape recordings. Of course, they do not tell the owners of the apartment about the upcoming atrocities. Lying is the main tool of dishonest people. You will be told about drug addiction, about weapon, about criminals living in the apartment they need. They say that they need to listen, and they drill a hole. In other words, in the eyes of your neighbors, you are a hidden criminal. In order not to frighten you, the neighbors are given recommendations on their behavior in case you guess and come to them with an accusation. They recommend behaving surprised and restrained. They promise all kinds of protection and support. Because of the SS lies, the neighbors may not know that your children and relatives are being maimed with drilled holes. Print out these materials of the Commission of Inquiry and hand them over politely to your neighbors. It is possible that they do not belong to the scum.


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