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The Response to Europe’s human rights forces 


We have had Russian experience since 1989 (then the Committee on Investigation of the Special Services’ Terror was established). I’ve had my own personal experience since 1970. I had friendly relations with professors in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). There they took blood tests from me, made a spectral analysis of nails, hair, and epithelium (of course, it was behind the scenes). After that experience I organized a Committee of honest, literate people and, on the whole, those who were also “experimental” or “punished”. Those who “did not go crazy” from terrible tortures.

Then I have gained experience in the Baltic countries since 1991 (where I kind of “hid” from the terror of the special services of the USSR). There it turned out to be the same in the means and methods, and it still is to this day. Then we went to the United States. There are also

S. Zh. - Complaints. Outrage. Protest. We began to explore countries in a meaningful way. There were no treatments only in Pakistan and Israel (I think that there are, but they did not fulfill the order from Russia).

So, any person who got “on the computer” (and there are 30 million people only in Russia) is processed according to the scheme. The country, where the unfortunate person is a citizen, pays and orders that.


aerosols are served:

a) in apartments from neighbors (According to our tape recordings, they either deceive us with stories about terrorists, drug trafficking, weapons sellers, etc., or recruit someone who “screwed it up”, or promise benefits to those who are in prison or promise parents some leniency for teenagers caught on drugs); also in offices (there are mutant performers – those who was caught on drugs, who is promised benefits, etc.). It is widely practiced to supply “chemistry” into tap water, wells, in private homes or where the pipes are dead-end. The sewerage system is used for the same purposes (especially in private homes).

b) on parkings (they pour it on places of the air intake and spread viruses on the front door near glass or mirrors),

c) in trains, planes, buses (where tea and breakfast is served, and if trains have a fixture for delivery to seats, especially if it is near to the conductor)

d) in the places where “illegal” immigrants work (the performers are immigrants themselves, they work for the promised benefits)

Electromagnetic frequencies are supplied via the electrical and telephone network. In the apartment + to this through the heating pipes (there is mainly a magnetic lesion there). Directional generators are now rarely used (only for those who are on the experiment). Even buses and subways are equipped with frequency converters. A “clean” person does not perceive these frequencies. The Commission did not find frequency converters in schools and other educational institutions

e) viruses and bacteria are most often used individually (with aerosols in apartments, in food on an airplane or train, in food in a hotel, in cafes, in shops and pharmacies, where you buy constantly and do not take it from the counter with your hand)

f) at crowded meetings of “wrong” people (there are lists of topics, groups, trends), at demonstrations, even legalized but “wrong”, or those who are “on the computer”, in places where such people gather (halls, apartments)

g) locally in places of people’s meetings or conferences, when a mutant sits down next to you and lets out an aerosol. It is “not fatal” for non-inflated people around, and the mutants themselves use antidotes

h) shooting at private houses (when there are no conditions to get to the sewer system or water), and cars

i) the use of frequency generators on the masses (demonstrations, settlements of illegal immigrants, etc.) in order to evoke emotions of fear, pressure, poor concentration and other oppressions

e) in prisons, places of detention or bringing people to pre-trial detention.


a) not a strong lesion, although chronic: fatigue, tiredness, it is difficult to get out of bed in the morning (according to the instructions, aerosols are served for night and at night), tingling on the body (it is difficult to fall asleep because of “stabbing” feelings), sometimes burning, if pumping at breakfast (also according to the instructions from the neighbors at the time of your breakfast, then the one on “duty” leaves). From arsenic you feel your throat burning, you are irritated. If the aerosol has just come in, then you are feeling slightly dizzy.

b) a chronic lesion is characterized by pain (teeth, bones are destroyed by acids, internal organs swell and head is aching), and a “severe” condition. It can now feels like stabbing and burning anywhere, for example, when working at a computer. The bed stings like glass wool. You have to force yourself to sleep.

c) the accumulation of alkali leads to an “acid explosion” and to the accumulation of heavy metals. Accumulation in women, men, and children is specific. Therefore, when arsenic accumulates in the lower back (lower part of the spine), it is difficult to bend down, or over time there occur sciatica and lumbago.

d) specific accumulations (more often it’s in the occipital part of the head among women) lead to hallucinations, and in the auditory analyzer it results in hearing “voices”. This happens when an electromagnetic beam “hits” the place of accumulation. Do not be confused - these are not special generators, but as if the frequency (frequency beam) flowed down to the antenna from the electrical wiring, equipment, or telephone network. Let me remind you that generators are used only for “experimental” people. Such a percentage of people, out of the total number of victims subjected to terror, is not large.

For this reason, the proclamation of psychotronic influence is a delusion.


Despite the fact that the number of “experimental” people is not large in percentage, but in quantitative terms it is hundreds of thousands.

That’s just here there is a real psychotronics, and only as a special case of research.

Using the specific character of accumulation (of metals and acids) on some people, directed means and methods are used for different parts of the body. For example, someone accumulated it in the hearing analyzer, he would then be trained by a generator, (not by an electrical network or environments) to complete orders and dialogues (there is a well-developed method of gradual contact). Someone saved it up in the vision analyzer. That person would be a contact for communicating with aliens (which are sitting at the neighbors or in a car). Those who accumulated in the olfactory analyzer are almost not used. There is a lesion that is not differentiated by analyzers, but extends to the psyche. This can be both the intestine and the motor system. For example, at the war with Afghanistan, the Soviet soldiers were “fed”, and then before the attack, they brought generators on them and caused a feeling of rage to states of passion. The USA used the same thing, on the contrary, to Iraqi soldiers, but to evoke a sense of non-resistance and fear.

Studies are conducted on:

a) individual selective lesion;

b) mass destruction with creating altered states; 

c) controlled states of individuals;

d) controlled psychophysical states of groups of people;

e) the behavior of animals living with humans.

Here, they use psychotropic aerosols, generators of directed action and various frequencies or frequency packets, viruses and bacteria of target functions.


Those people who are put “on the computer” and treated and “pumped” with chemical compounds, infected with viruses and microbes, tortured by electromagnetic fields, can be divided into two groups:

a) domestic and everyday;

b) experimental.

“Everyday” people, even if they hallucinate, hear voices, smell something, have mental shifts, are not subject to psychotronic influences. We are talking about selective lesions for understating the functions of the body, up to severe chronic diseases and deaths. The organizers and performers can be unmistakably called sadists, because often, people languishing from physical and then mental suffering, consider death as a good thing. A huge, extensive network of performers (mutants) is organized for torturing “domestic” people. This is a huge army, which is not written about in newspapers and few people are aware of it. This is where our task is to lead the mass awareness of people about lawlessness and terrorism.

“Household” people can claim personal persecution of them, but they fall into the system of the machine, in which mutants torment them constantly with aerosol pumps, infect them, and send frequency

electromagnetic fields through household communications. They are not removed from the “computer” until their complete defeat and death. Doctors have long been criminals and will write a conclusion about a “heart failure”. Virologists have long been criminals and will not detect any lesions with cytomegalovirus, zoster, or HIV. Therefore, only its own Commission can determine the defeat. Complaining is also useless. The entire law enforcement system serves mutants. Even the International Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court cover up the atrocities of mutants and primary terrorism (secondary terror arises as an outrage of the oppressed and the tortured).

The “experimental” ones, as I have already written, are under individual supervision. No one knows about the results (unlike “everyday” ones). The experiments are wide. I know the programs, as well as the instructions for the special services, thoroughly. It takes a lot of time to write about this. Crimes against humanity are being committed on a huge scale and in all countries of the world. It is a network of mutant agreements and mutual obligations.

It's naturally that the elderly, women (and even pregnant women) and children fall under the treatment. Not always directly, but along the way with their parents children get fatal injuries.

Prof. Vasiliy Lensky.

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