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Part two


11. The network of performers, provided by computer information, has surrounded all corners of the Russian Federation. For the execution of terrorist acts, there are three lines: research, production of means of terror for the special services, and the execution of terrorist acts.

12. Researchers and developers of the means of terrorism may not know, or rather do not want to know, about the purpose of their sneaky research. It would be easy to guess that chemical aerosols of this kind are not for military operations or for defense, and that viruses and electromagnetic converters are for violence against people. Besides, conducting experiments on humans is punishable and prohibited even by the laws of the Russian Federation.

13. The production of means of terror is well established and even in the times of devastation it’s been booming and expanding.

14. The performers of terrorist acts are the special purpose service. First of all, this scum shames law enforcement agencies, in which there are many people who have honor and conscience. The SS performers are a multi-million army. Plus to these scoundrels, the SS add the part of the scum that is recruited with promises of benefits and blackmailing for doing wrong things. Therefore, V. Putin is condemned for feeding abomination in the country, financing it, and for complete lawlessness.

15. Some secret instructions have been developed for the execution of terrorist acts in the form of TORTURE. In these instructions they take every detail into account. First of all, terrorist acts must be carried out secretly and unnoticed by others. For example, “chemistry” and viruses could be poured down the victim’s neck. What victim can do? If something happens, they blame the victim for mental health issues. But it would be visible. Another thing is a can of aerosol. In such a case, the performer uses antidotes so as not to harm himself.

16. In hard times of esotericism, probably, many people noticed feeling light-headed. This meant that there was a bastard with a spray nearby. But the provocateurs from the SS immediately put forward the topic of “bad energy”. So the crime was covered up. In all the meetings there was a scoundrel from the SS. The chemical aerosol was sprayed in the halls where not only esotericists, but even unofficially engaged in martial arts gathered, and still gather. Do not think that it “was”, it still is happening there. Only arsenic compounds have a smell (there may not be an obvious smell of garlic, the aerosol is “covered” with kitchen odors, the smell of tobacco smoke, etc.). Hardly anyone will pay attention to the smell of “dust”. This is an acidic compound that “swells” the internal organs. This causes a bad mood, headaches, and a heavy body. The urine leaves too slowly, and sometimes with some burning sensation. Sweat, as the body is saturated, is SOUR. Remember this. Check on your forehead, when you sweat, on the back of the hand in the little finger. If you have sour fingers, then you are pretty “pumped up”. If you cry with sour tears, then it is already a strong threat to your health. The acid-bound calcium compounds form a roughness on the inside of the lips; the teeth are destroyed by the acid both externally and internally.

17. Acidic environment is the basis for viruses. In addition, the acids used by SS bind calcium in the body. This leads to a decrease in immune resistance, and the bound salts themselves make the body electrically conductive. Moreover, the SS use heavy metal aerosols. If you have a wet towel that smells like garlic when you use it, then an aerosol of arsenic was released into the apartment at night. If it smells like metal oxide, then it is one of the types of heavy metals. “Pumping” the body with heavy metals is also necessary for conducting experiments on humans, since the body turns into an “electronic scheme”. You will understand where the contactees and those who “went crazy” came from. Scientific scoundrels (this kind of researchers) have advanced far: you can communicate with a person on behalf of “extraterrestrial civilizations” or by another type of dialogue.

18. The electromagnetic radiation is calculated for this electrical conductivity. Now combat generators are rarely used; frequency converters are put on the electrical network. Some home appliances are designed as converters themselves. This is particularly notable for the electronic products from Japan (laptops, parlotones, mixers, etc.). The electromagnetic radiation is easily detected by devices (for example, ME 3030V or HF 59B). The acceptable standards (MPD for EMR) are easy to find on the Internet. But know that if instead of 20 v/m max., you register 100 – 150 v/m, then “you can live”. Usually the SS puts converters with a voltage of 200 – 1500 v/m, which is harmful for health. The Commission often finds that the scale of the instruments in the apartments of the SS victims is not enough (2000 v/m). By the way, the converters continue to work even if you turn off the device (a laptop, a partotone, a mixer, a fridge, a fax, an electric oven, a TV set).

19. TORTURE with electromagnetic radiation and chemical aerosols is increased by the SS using bacteriological agents (viruses, chlamydia, etc.). Not only electromagnetic radiation is focused on the “acidic” body, but also viruses “settle” well. The SS apply everything to you, starting from herpes to cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr viruses. In general, if the initial evidence of the lesion is a rash, then soon it may not be, since viruses and other “living creatures” are intended to damage internal organs. CHRONIC FATIGUE and SOUR SWEAT will tell you about the presence of a lesion. HIV is a consequence of a developing lesion when you are constantly “fed” with viruses.

20. According to the stages of the lesion in a victim’s body, trophic changes occur (swelling of the lymph nodes, nail breakage, hair loss, tooth decay, clouding of the cornea of the eyes, “calcium holes” in the bones, etc.). The lower back is heavy or, then, the kidneys hurt (the right kidney most often hurts among men). Swelling of the kidneys is reflected in pain in the knee or heels. If the knees and heels are strong, then the head hurts. If simultaneous arsenic damage happens, lumbago (acute sciatica) may occur.

21. Not only heavy metals and calcium salts create an electrically conductive network in the body, but viruses also build chains or form a cyst. A victim’s body becomes a storage for salts and viruses. These are the features that distinguish people fallen ill from natural factors, from people who are subjects to by the SS terrorist torture. Specific formations accumulate in hair, bones, and nails. The possibility of getting such diseases from a combination of natural factors is close to zero. For this reason, terrorists will not be able to hide crimes under natural diseases.


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