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Part one



1. The methods of terrorism that are now used by the special services were developed in the laboratories of Prof. Mayronovsky and from the very beginning they were carefully controlled by L. Beria. At first and later, the tests were conducted mainly on prisoners.

2. Afterwards, those methods were improved for selective damage, which is now common as the main one.

3. At first, these methods were applied quite widely to dissidents and others people unwanted by the CPSU. This thing became widespread during L. Brezhnev’s regime and it was contrary to the well-known method of “mental hospitals”. Many people knew about the “mental hospitals”, although only few people knew about the secret terror. The KGB carefully kept that secret.

4. The culmination of the terror was achieved under Mikhail Gorbachev. These methods were planned as one of the main means of carrying out “Perestroika”, in order to manage “negative” people. Then it was necessary to organize special services in all corners of the USSR. That was the secret army of the performers of terror. Its founder is Mikhail Gorbachev. Since that, millions of people were being subjected to secret violence. This greatly increased the possibility of human experimentation. To the experiments on prisoners, they added experiments on people who were interested in esotericism. There were people with mental disorders because of that type of terror. There were people with specific lesions from chemical and bacteriological agents. Bodies of such people have sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. To define this category of people, the term “electric people” came into use.

5. The International Criminal Court defined this type of violence as TORTURE.

6. The TORTURE is carried out in the apartment of an intended victim, in the office and other places accessible to a performer. For example, in each district of a city there is a fixed performer. In addition, this performer from the SS (special services) eventually attracts residents in those apartments that are right next to the apartment intended for terror. It is favorable to attract alcoholics who violate public order to the level of the court, also persons caught for non-payment of taxes in retail outlets, gullible people who believe the stories of a SS representative. So it turned out that law-abiding citizens became the subjects of TORTURE for all sorts of scum. The SS performer would not go to honest people.

7. Boris Yeltsin did not abolish these services. Now they are completely transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Due to the devastation, all the scum who committed crimes and have to serve the representatives of the SS in order to avoid punishment, began to be actively involved in the execution.

8. They still know about these services and about the impurity of the method itself; any scum could now serve the SS in such a way as to harm others. Not only did he not abolish these illegal services, but also he continued providing unlimited funding for the SS (at your expense, by the way). The army of scoundrels has grown to an unprecedented size. The paradox is that this whole machine of terror, originally designed to restrict offenders, began to work against the best people in Russia, and scum became a valuable basis for the SS.

9. They say about one who is scheduled by terrorists to be TORTURED: “got on the computer.” They say this because the Internet allows you to track the victim of SS terror in any region, any city and any village. There has never been a case of a victim being taken “off the computer”. They will maim to complete destroy.

10. Now a poor man will be treated with a complex of chemical aerosols, bacteriological agents and electromagnetic radiation.

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