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                                                                  Part One

The Culture of Understanding.

All the people, who are now fully aware, went slowly and carefully to the knowledge of the illegal methods of terrorists from the special services. The word “carefully” may not be quite appropriate, as the terrorists “pump” bodies to sickness every day.

When you suffer yourself, you can somehow tolerate it, but it’s close people and children who have suffered (and are still suffering). Although we will have to talk about the culture of understanding. You are reading about this publicly now. Long before that, there were held a lot of meetings with victims - those who are being tortured to an unknown end.

Everyone whose family has been attacked by the new SS considers the fact that something is going wrong. But then? Some of those who were into esotericism, even proudly stated that they felt some “energy”. In fact, that “energy” was the electromagnetic fields of the SS. Some people immediately accused their neighbors of mean tricks and pranks. You should agree, it’s hard to believe that the SS created a concentration camp, unprecedented in originality and meanness – everyone is an object in their own apartments! That concentration camp has spilt deep into Russia.

For many years, the SS have been crippling people. Now they messed up so hard that even when they stop, apartments (and some offices) will be abandoned for many years.

The damage done by the SS gang is immeasurable. According to the conclusion of doctors, viral systematic lesions not only result in HIV and AIDS, but also affect the genes!

Nevertheless, it is necessary to approach understanding not from the side of evil, but from the side of a national tragedy. This tragedy is not only today’s one. Think about it. Unhealthy people came to power.

This harm cannot be eliminated socially, as millions of apartments and furniture in them are poisoned.

People are affected by viruses to such an accumulation, when there is a stable HIV, and some people have AIDS (HIV and AIDS do not exist as independent viruses).

Here’s what Antizombi advises and thinks you need:

  • To identify the problem;

  • To notify or even convince everyone that it exists and it is dangerous;

  • To create and spread methods of individual and public control over the use of these technologies;

  • To create effective and working instruments of individual, public and state control (as well as control of these instruments);

  • Of course, to change the laws!

Is it a good offer? There is no argument. But think about it, this is the same as complaining to someone who is abusing you. There’s a good phrase in Gogol’s “The Government Inspector” that a non-commissioned officer’s widow whipped herself. Will Putin and the SS gang whip themselves?

So, first of all, no mysticism. Secondly, avoid the obsession of stalking! It’s harmful for you.


Don’t complicate it. React more to the facts themselves and do not rush to conclusions. Are they following you? Let them watch. Do they drill from the neighbors from above or from the side? Let them drill. Approach the “deeds” of the SS simply in one way: you must take action. Act neutrally and in a businesslike manner. This is in your favor.

We recommend reading the books of the writer V. Lensky. It sets out not only the facts of the “concentration camp” of modern fascism, but also gives some advice. In addition, the Expert Commission checked everything written about the secret instructions from its reliable sources. The writer V. Lensky does not make mistakes. He has a lot of experience in defending against atrocities and tortures of the SS.

Let us now briefly describe the Culture of Life.

                                                                      Part two

 The Culture of Life

Each of us has developed algorithms of behavior for certain events. Do they fit in a concentration camp named after “sadists”? They don’t.

We’ll have to develop new algorithms without moaning about losing the old ones. For example, a woman leaves bread, sugar, salt, and other food either open or covered with a lid. This experience is not useful in a concentration camp.


1. Wrap food in plastic bags so that there are no cracks and holes.

2. Close sinks with plugs, and seal the connection points of the pipes in the plumbing tightly so that there are no cracks. Don’t forget the bath. Don’t be lazy.

3. The places of entry of heating and water supply, as well as sewer pipes should not have cracks. The catheters used to deliver aerosols with “chemicals”, or viruses, to the apartment are very thin. Therefore, the putty should be white, so that you can see that you need to urgently push the air out of the apartment. It is best if you put metal couplings.

4. It is better if there is no furniture in the kitchen on the side of the wall to your neighbors. It is possible that you will find a hole used by the SS. Be observant and don’t make fast conclusions. Any holes can be clearly visible only on a well-painted wall. They can be sealed with a metal plate.

5. Do not ventilate, but “push” the air out of the apartment. If necessary, do it at night. According to the instructions, the scums use nights as the main time for terror. Push the air out regularly. SS crimes are committed regularly, so your apartment and furniture are probably “pumped up”. The temperature in an apartment is restored in 5-7 minutes even in winter. Get dressed if you’re afraid of drafts.

6. Do not be lazy to clean and wash. Do not vacuum; fine dust rises with the settled aerosol. If you have to use a vacuum cleaner, then “push” the air out of the room at the same time (close the doors to other rooms).

7. Use dry cleaning carefully, otherwise you may get carpets or things soaked in “chemicals”.

8. Do not buy the same type of food in the same store. It is better if you take products in a supermarket with your own hands.

9. Be careful in pharmacies. Come in there unexpectedly and it’s better to change them.

10. Do not rush to contact virologists and psychiatrists. They have compromised themselves long ago so the possibility of harm is very high.


Still, once again, we remind you that all this should be done so as not to offend others with undeserved suspicion. The moral damage of the SS from the special services is that by educating and attracting scums to atrocities, they cast a shadow of suspicion on honest people. Your caution is no one’s business, and each of the bastards will take the moral responsibility. All in good time!


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