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The Response to Europe’s human rights forces

We have had Russian experience since 1989 (then the Committee on Investigation of the Special Services’ Terror was established). I’ve had my own personal experience since 1970. I had friendly relations with professors in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). There they took blood tests from me, made a spectral analysis of nails, hair, and epithelium (of course, it was behind the scenes). After that experience I organized a Committee of honest, literate people and, on the whole, those who were also “experimental” or “punished”. Those who “did not go crazy” from terrible tortures.

Then I have gained experience in the Baltic countries since 1991 (where I kind of “hid” from the terror of the special services of the USSR). There it turned out to be the same in the means and methods, and it still is to this day. Then we went to the United States. There are also

S. Zh. - Complaints. Outrage. Protest. We began to explore countries in a meaningful way. There were no treatments only in Pakistan and Israel (I think that there are, but they did not fulfill the order from Russia).

So, any person who got “on the computer” (and there are 30 million people only in Russia) is processed according to the scheme. The country, where the unfortunate person is a citizen, pays and orders that.

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