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Psyterror (part 1)



Taken from the report by Elena Blinnikova-Vyazemskaya, Candidate of Technical Sciences


Elena BLINNIKOVA-VYAZEMSKAYA, physicist, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Andrey IVANOV, engineer, member of the Independent Human Rights Committee

Leonid PETROVSKY, historian, researcher at the Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“The Evening Club” № 52 (1137), 05/18/96, materials provided by the Institute of Eniology, Krasnoyarsk Department. The International Academy of Information Sciences (IAIS) 660000, Krasnoyarsk, mailbox 19614, phone number (3912) 65-62-77.


In her report at the seminar “Russia and the European Convention on Human Rights”, the candidate of technical sciences Elena Blinnikova-Vyazemskaya analyzed the information received from 94 Russian cities and got into the information center for human rights, on the use of emitters that affect the human mind and the body: the main purpose for complaints in recent years, the report says, is complaints about terror against people which is carried out with electronic equipment.


In the list of the equipment in service, which is reflected in the state plan and in the industrial technical plan, there are biogenerators, laser, ultrasonic, X-ray emitters, radio of ultra-high frequencies of millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths and ultrasonic range, infrared, ultraviolet, isotope, gamma radiation receivers for all types of ranges, converters of ultrasonic and radio emissions into sound and vision, special means of transmitting image data via telephone, television and radio channels, means of connecting receivers of transmitted signals and television or computer equipment, etc.


Most Russian scientists took part in creating effective methods of influencing a person at a distance: V. M. Bekhterev, B. B. Kazhinsky, K. I. Platonov, A.V. Dubrovsky, V. Messing, A. P. Slobodyanik, M. Ya. Okunev, S. G. Feinberg, V. M. Svyatoshch, D. V. Kandyba, V. E. Rozhnov, A.V. Chumak, Yu. G. Gorny and others.


In 1921, a special department for remote exposure to biological objects was established under the government. The developments of this special department, which periodically changed its names from the VCHK to the FSS, formed the basis for the methods of psychotronic technologies. These developments caused serious concern among a whole group of Russian scientists: Pavlov, Vernadsky, Chizhevsky, Kazhinsky and others. The candidate of technical sciences V. Slepukha confirms that the development of methods of “mental” influence in our country was started by the daughter of F. Dzerzhinsky, M. Teltse and “associate professor” D. Luni. The main focus was on the use of psychotropic substance based on natural and synthetic drugs. However, even then, it was noticed that the effect of mental deformation is especially accelerated if the subject is in a high-frequency field.

The most significant achievements in the field of psychotronic technologies and human control were reached in Hitler’s Germany. One of the most unusual official organizations of the Third Reich, “Ahnenerbe”, was founded in 1933. It was led by Wolfram von Sievers, an SS colonel. “Ahnenerbe” became a part of “the Luminous Lodge Society”, later called “the Vrily Society”. In the 40s, Germany launched unprecedented top-secret psychophysiological research work involving all the best that was in India, Tibet, China, Europe, Africa, the USSR and America. The briefly formulated goal of research was the creation of telepsychic weapon or, as we now say, “psychotronic weapons”. Some secret German experiments that were performed on prisoners in concentration camps are of particular value. International conventions define such cruel and inhumane research on living people as a crime against humanity, so never before the war and never after it, scientists have the right to perform such experiments on living people. For these reasons, all German research materials are unique and invaluable for science.

After the war, all the secret research in Germany went to the winners - rocket and engineering research went to the United States, and psychophysiological (psychotronic) research went to the USSR. During many years of secret research, the products developed by modern science expand the ways to direct such a high-frequency field in a limited space, while the generator itself can be located at a distance. As a transmitting source of radiation from the generator, communication networks of residential buildings can be used: it can be lighting wiring, telephone and radio networks, water pipes, radio, TV. The management of individual mass consciousness was also studied at the Brain Institute in the USSR, which was created by the remarkable Russian academician Bekhterev. When working in this area since the 30s, the staff of the institute was significantly increased, first to 150 best Russian scientists. Here, for the first time, in addition to hypnotic effects, technical innovations were used: people were irradiated with radio signals and sound of different frequencies, secretly affecting the human energy system. In his works, N. I. Anisimov confirms that in the late 50s, modern domestic psychotronic weapons came out of the laboratories of the Research Institute and began to enter the service of the special services and the military. V. N. Anisimov refers psychotronic weapons to one of the types of so-called “non-lethal” weapons. Its invisible components can kill at a distance, simulate or create any chronic disease, make a person criminal or insane, knock a person off his feet, force him to stumble, create a plane, railway or car accident, destroy a building in a few seconds, create or provoke any climatic cataclysms, control the most complex device or mechanism.

This weapon allows you to effectively disable the living force, causing a violation of the mind, coordination of movement, muscle tone, changes in the functioning of body systems, including the cardiovascular and visual apparatus, and control the behavior of people - any biological object, and change people’s worldview.

The customers were the Ministry of Defense, the Central Committee of the CPSU and the KGB of the USSR. As for the KGB, these developments were supervised by the fifth and sixth departments. The fifth one (“The Protection of the Constitution”) provided political leadership, the sixth one was responsible for the scientific and technical side of the work. The most serious crimes with the use of these technologies were committed by employees of the top-secret laboratory № 12 at the operational and technical directorate of the KGB of the USSR, while a large number of innocent people were destroyed. With reference to closed sources V. Shepilov reports that in the last three or four years, this issue has become really important. “If earlier, as a result of hard programming, they had biorobots which hardly resembled a normal person, - V. Shepilov notes, - today, “zombies” can often be determined only by a specialist - their behavior is quite normal and does not arouse suspicion.” Mental management, V. Shepilov notes, as a rule, pursues socially repressive goals.

In any case, such management of the mind is associated with a violation of human rights, since it is carried out without a person’s will and consent through the management of unconscious brain processes imposed from the outside. The zombification cannot be considered otherwise than as criminal manipulation of a person. Research tests were conducted and are being conducted on innocent citizens by a special decision of the government. Based on the research conducted in 1972-1973, the Institute of Radioelectronics of the Academy of Sciences completed the manufacture and introduction of the latest radio-technical weapons into military practice. The artificial creation of a race of slaves with the specified properties has practically become real. In the military-industrial complex, there is a classification, where the seventh, the newest generation of weapons of mass destruction is called weapons that affect the genetic apparatus. This information is confirmed by T. B. Fadeeva. In her works, she claims that the center for the creation of psychotronic weapons was and remains in Novosibirsk. At the end of the 80s (under control of the Central Committee of the CPSU), they created such equipment that, when launched into the near-Earth orbit, could correct the behavior of the population on an area larger than Belarus. By this time, more than twenty institutes and the Center for Non-Traditional Technologies under the USSR’s State Committee for Science and Technology were already engaged in developments in the field of psychotronic weapons. Several types of different biogenerators were developed and put into service, which can be tuned to the bioenergetic characteristics of a particular person at a distance. Physiologists were engaged in experiments on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human brain and zombification. The developments were immediately put into use in the military field. The KGB of the USSR successfully used the secret method of zombification to train agents and diplomats. The fundamental difference between psychotronic weapons and other types of weapons is that in the process of creating and processing its samples cannot be tested on stands and targets. The tests constantly require living and healthy “donors” - experimental people who may die during the experiments.

The test sites are often ordinary residential apartments. There were reports from no less than 94 Russian cities from citizens who have experienced the effects of psychotronic processing. This information is fully confirmed in the work of  N. I. Anisimov. The development of psychotronic weapons constantly requires human donors. Any person can become a donor if their intelligence and physical data are necessary for conducting experiments. The selection of donors is carried out according to the following principle. It is known that human society consists of certain groups with similar intelligence and psychological type. By selecting donors for open psychoprogramming and developing psychotechnologies on them, you can secretly control the behavior of all groups, and, consequently, the entire society as a whole. The victims of special experiments are usually gifted people, military personnel of military units, athletes, prisoners, mental patients, as well as completely healthy people.

The hunting for donors is carried out in a city or in any other locality. Only recently, according to the official data of the Prosecutor’s Office in the Krasnoyarsk Region, more than a thousand people have gone missing in the Krasnoyarsk Region, and how many people have disappeared according to unofficial data can only be guessed. There are three stages of psychoprogramming. The first stage is brain control. The second stage is the management of human psychophysical activity. The third stage is the destruction of the human subject. The third stage is usually resorted to in the following cases: there is a danger of exposure; waste material is ineffective; to intimidate other test subjects. Destruction can be carried out by both traditional and non-traditional methods. Psychotronic influence is understood as directed influence on a person by electromagnetic fields and acoustic (infrasonic, ultrasonic) waves, which cause changes in behavior and mental activity, reactions to events and situations, lead to disorders in the functioning of systems of the body and changes in the cells of tissues. Anisimov believes that psychotronic weapons are a complex of unique electron-beam equipment capable of controlling a person’s psychophysical activity at long distances, purposefully destroying his health and bringing him to death.

Psychotronic weapons are high-precision weapons that are used with other types of non-lethal weapons and psychotechnological weapons. The striking factors of psychotronic weapons, according to V. N. Anisimov, are: torsion generators, microwave generators, lasers, acoustic and microwave equipment, using both powerful energy sources of stationary mobile psychotronic stations located on Earth or introduced into space, and environmental physics, as well as chemical and gaseous means. Focused types of radiation without interference and without losing a given power, freely penetrate through any obstacles and with high accuracy hit the selected victim at any distance. The impact is carried out at the cellular and molecular level by the method of psychophysical processing of the brain and the human body on the principle of associative and neurolinguistic psychoprogramming using the radio-acoustic effect and remote tomography.

It is believed that the basis of the method of “processing”  a person by radio means is the discovery of our compatriot A. Mikhailovsky, who in the middle of 30s discovered that some combinations of electromagnetic pulses, repeated with a certain frequency, affect the areas of the brain responsible for both the emotional mood and the work of human organs. In terms of its effect on living organisms, exposure to magnetic fields is equivalent to radiation exposure. Other electromagnetic fields affect a person’s aura, causing changes in mood and thinking abilities. The aura of a person is heterogeneous and consists of the radiations of different organs. The wave characteristics of each of the organs of the human body have long been described by scientists and are well known.

Resonant frequencies of some parts of the human body:

1. the head 20-30 Hz

2. the eyes 40-100 Hz

3. the vestibular apparatus 0.5-13 Hz

4. the heart 4-6 Hz

5. the spine 4-6 Hz

6. the stomach 2-3 Hz

7. the intestine 2-4 Hz

8. the kidneys 6-8 Hz

9. the hands 2-5 Hz


Because of the defeat of UHF-ultrahigh-frequency radiation, a person can get diseases which are difficult to treat, for example, with the influence of UHF radiation, cancer cells of the human body are inevitably activated and then an incurable cancer disease appears. By applying this radiation to the organs responsible for vital activity, you can reliably disable them and at the right time the patient ceases to exist. It is known that the human brain is very sensitive to heat and temperature rise. Even if the brain is slightly treated with UHF radiation, its temperature will increase, which will cause disorders in the work of the entire body.

If the power of UHF radiation is increased significantly, there will be a strong increase in the temperature of the human brain and death will be inevitable. If you affect the biological currents of the human body, which have a frequency of 1 to 35 Hz, with ultrahigh-frequency (microwave) radiation, then a person has a violation of the perception of reality, a rise and decrease in tone, excitement or falling into apathy, tiredness, severe fatigue, sickness and headache, complete sterilization of the instinctive sphere is possible, as well as damage of the heart, starting from arhythmia to the cardiac arrest, and also damage of the brain and central nervous system. There are also additional signs: pain in the eyes, pain in the ears (as with changes in atmospheric pressure), numbness in the hands, buzzing in the head, twitching of the feet and burning in the soles. Waves that actively modulate in the frequencies of the alpha rhythm of the brain can cause irreversible “jumps” in behavior.

With the help of a microwave generator at certain frequencies, you can simultaneously suppress the consciousness of many people and inspire them with certain behavior or even other people’s ideas. Powerful microwave radiation can disable all unconditional reflexes, which makes a person completely helpless. The damage increases dramatically if you add disorders in the brain, heart and central nervous system. As antenna transmitters of such waves, they use telephone and radio-relay wiring, sewer and heating pipes, as well as television, radio, telephone and fire alarm systems, radio networks, and electrical wiring of residential buildings. This method of covert processing of human material, due to its technical features, can be called network.

This is a method of creating a high-frequency radio field inside a residential building, when the power of a bioenergy generator is introduced through a filter system directly into the household networks. This method is energetically rational and provides a hidden application of special processing, since in ten meters from the building, such signals, as a rule, are no longer manifested. The scale of the introduction of microwave technologies, especially in the creation of weapons of mass destruction, depends on the availability of high-power microwave generators. Academician Avramenko is engaged in research on the use of microwave generators for military purposes. The greatest danger is caused by microwave radiation for humans. In the normal state, our body emits about 100 watts of heat. It is considered dangerous for a living organism if the power absorbed from the outside exceeds its own energy release. A sufficiently powerful microwave radiation can result in a burn or heat stroke. Thermal damage to our body occurs at the intensity of the incident radiation of the order of 1 kW/m2. On the whole, this level is already achievable now.

Microwave generators have already been created to concentrate power in the hundreds of megawatts. A scientist from the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology Yu. Kholodov confirmed that microwaves can blind, deprive of potency and even kill. Especially good results were obtained in the field of psychotronic technologies by influencing the subconscious of the population - the so-called zombification. Yuri Vorobyevsky claims in his book “Knocking on the Golden Gate” that the equipment of torsion fields is a means of influencing the human mind in the right direction. Large-scale research on the use of torsion fields for military purposes was intensively conducted in Hitler’s Germany. “The Ahnenerbe archive documents emphasize that the impact of techno-magical devices was primarily aimed at “will crystals”, special formations somewhere in the pituitary gland. In the 1980s, the Soviet academic journal “Cybernetics and Medicine” published articles on the topic of psychotronic research by Professor Colonel Georgy Bogdanov. He wrote that in the human brain there are crystals of semiconductor structures embedded by nature.

Thanks to this solid-state electronics, it is possible to transmit encoded information to the brain, which causes an image, representation, visual associations, acoustic and behavioral reactions. Using the legacy and archives of the secret Hitler organization “Ahnenerbe”, Russian military specialists have successfully created a fundamentally new type of weapon, which is strictly secret, so torsion technologies are successfully used for military and other purposes to cause harm. Mass coding and zombification of the population began in the USSR in 1980. The treatment of the population was so intense that people complained to doctors about incomprehensible sensations. Residential complexes in which biogenerators were installed were characterized by a high percentage of cancers and suicides, murders, injuries to limbs, as well as frequent births of defective children. By the early 1990s, science and technology came close to creating quite compact installations (including those based on the principle of torsion fields) that can affect entire areas of the planet – if these devices are put into orbit and used on ground targets.

According to some sources, work on psychotronic weapons which are capable of controlling the behavior of the masses was interwoven with work on long – range, over-the-horizon radar, and here the energy of the ionosphere enveloping the planet was used – it is still little explored. The work was sharply intensified after the discovery of the human biofield. Scientists have discovered the existence of ultralight particles, which were given the name leptons. Leptons are millions of times or even trillions of times lighter than an electron.

Concentrated beams of leptons pierce the human aura like blotting paper. Moscow physicists, studying the effect of microleptons - the smallest physical particles on the hydrocarbon substance, accidentally stumbled upon a very interesting design, which worked as a generator of thin physical fields. Even with a small impact of the lepton field, the subject is overwhelmed with irresistible fatigue, and with an increase in intensity, the person loses the ability to think coherently (logically). The third degree of impact hits the vestibular apparatus and the person loses orientation in space. Further strengthening of the power of the microlepton impact “finishes off” the diseased organs, therefore, weakened by diseases, a person is less protected from the action of leptons. The maximum strength of microlepton radiation brings death. The biogenerator can be located at a considerable distance from the object of impact. The top-secret experiments with lepton generators became known during the perestroika. Based on the unified field theory and based on many years of experiments by academician A. F. Okhatrin, the characteristics of microleptons were obtained. They have a low charge and low mass, and also pass freely through screens and other obstacles. Microleptic radiation is not detected by our physical senses.

Prolonged and systematic exposure to radiation can cause irreversible changes in the nervous system, headaches, impotence, increased fatigue, sleep disorder, deterioration of intellectual activity. When exposed to infrasound of this frequency, naturally, some resonance can occur and cause unpleasant sensations, and even lead to serious consequences. Infrasound, even of low power, has a painful effect on the ears, makes the organs “vibrate” — it seems to a person that everything inside him is vibrating. When testing one of the infrasound generators, the researchers suddenly felt bad. Everything was vibrating inside them — the stomach, the heart, the lungs. In the nearby laboratories people screamed in pain. The generator was turned off, but for a few more hours they felt completely “broken”. In the same laboratory, an infrasound generator was created that could destroy the building, although its power was only 2 kilowatts. Infrasound with an intensity of 160 decibels directly affected the internal organs of a person, and there was a real threat that it could lead to internal hemorrhages.

The Report of the Candidate of Technical Sciences Elena Blinnikova-Vyazemskaya

(part 2)

The other generator made here, although it had much less power, still it was quite enough to cause cracks in a ceiling and walls of a room. These cases are special, associated with high doses of infrasound radiation. The usual effect of its weak influence on the human body is manifested in the form of “seasickness”, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, unpleasant sensations, headaches, and sometimes impaired vision. Scientific studies have shown that infrasound is “present” almost everywhere, but certainly in different doses. It is most noticeable, for example, in tunnels where trains and cars move, as well as under bridges and overpasses.

The measurements allowed us to conclude that infrasound is amplified in small rooms. Basically, in an apartment, for example, it is more noticeable than on the street. Experiments conducted on laboratory staff and recordings of eye muscle bio-flows during convulsive twitching, usually associated with loss of balance, confirmed the hypothesis of a violation of the functions of the balance organs. People in all such cases experience the same sensations: a slight nausea, a feeling of rotation, an involuntary rotation of the eyeballs, and, finally, a feeling of some kind of discomfort. All these symptoms indicate a violation of the functions of the balance organs when a person is exposed to infrasonic vibrations in the frequency range of 2-10 Hz. The body’s responses were studied under two modes of operation of the infrasound source: the first one - at a frequency of 6 Hz with a power of 142 decibels; the second one - at a frequency of 2 Hz with a power of 150 decibels. The analysis of the records of biological flows showed that in the second mode, more significant violations in functioning of the balance organs were observed. In this case, people experienced a sharp sense of loss of balance and a strong feeling of nausea.


Academician V. M. Kandyba confirms that infrasound emitters with a frequency equal to the resonant frequency of natural vibrations of the internal organs of a person pose an increased danger. At the same time, a person has severe pain, a person can go blind, and death is possible. The infrasonic radiation freely penetrates through thick walls and over long distances. In ultrasonic weapons, a radiation power of 200 Db (decibels) is used to reliably destroy a person. Both thermal and mechanical effects of elastic vibrations with frequencies above 100 kHz are used. Even this intensity of concentrated vibrations significantly affects the mental structures and the nervous system, causing headaches, dizziness, visual and respiratory disorders, nausea, convulsions, and sometimes unconsciousness.

Ultrasonic radiation has a very strong influence on the human mind, which is what the military was interested in when creating the so-called psychotronic weapons.

Such developments are carried out by medical institutions (Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy, Krasnoyarsk Regional Psychoneurological dispensary (1 Lomonosov St.), the mental hospital, Krasnoyarsk special hospital-polyclinic of the Police Department (12 Karl Marx St. etc.), and mass-produced acoustic (infrasonic, ultrasonic) weapons are made for military products at Krasnoyarsk Machine-building enterprise. It is very effective to use the mechanical resonance of elastic vibrations with frequencies below 16 Hz, which are not perceived by ears, when secretly influencing a person.

The most dangerous here is the interval from 6 to 9 Hz. Significant psychotronic effects are most pronounced at a frequency of 7 Hz, which is consonant with the alpha-rhythm of the natural vibrations of the brain, and any mental work in this case is made impossible, because it seems that the head is about to break into small pieces. From the use of infrasound emitters with a frequency equal to the resonant frequency of natural vibrations of the internal organs of a person, severe pain occurs, a person can go blind, and death is possible.

Infrasonic radiation penetrates through thick walls and over long distances. When conducting special experiments on highly developed biological objects, it was found that with such an intensity of infrasound, the object tends to leave the affected area. When the intensity of the radiation was increased, the devices recorded a sharp increase in heart rate, the object began to rush in different directions. Then the amplitude of the heart oscillations increased sharply, the blood vessels could not stand it and burst.

The conclusions drawn from such experiments are following:

  • infrasound vibrations, properly modulated signals of even low intensity cause nausea and ringing in the ears, as well as visual impairment and unreasonable fear;

  • medium-intensity fluctuations can cause digestive disorders, brain disorders with the most unexpected consequences, paralysis, general weakness, and sometimes blindness;

  • high-intensity infrasound, which entails resonance, leads to disruption of almost all internal organs, and death is possible due to cardiac arrest or due to the destruction of blood vessels.


Infra-frequencies of about 12 Hz at a strength of 85-110 Db induce seasickness and dizziness, and fluctuations of 15-18 Hz at the same intensity cause anxiety, uncertainty and, finally, panic fear. Usually, unpleasant sensations begin with 120 Db of tension, traumatic ones - with 130 Db, fatal senses - 180 Db. Many vital organs of a person are like biological vibrational circuits and resonators (they have a natural frequency of vibrations in the range from 1 to 100 Hz). “The use of infrasonic waves at frequencies measured in units of Hertz, as has been repeatedly reported in the literature, makes it possible to create weapons that affect the human mind and body”, academician A.V. Fokin wrote in his article “to prohibit the development and production of new types of weapons of mass destruction”. If we take into account the ability of infrasound to penetrate through brick, concrete and armor, then it is logical to create a weapon that is extremely effective against humans. Therefore, the scientist’s call to ban its development is very timely. One of the most promising types of non-lethal weapons is considered to be acoustic weapons.

It is known that infrasound with its low frequency, when directed at people, plunges them into panic, deprives them of their mind, and causes disorders in the work of the heart and nervous system. At the same time, it perfectly penetrates through the walls into the deepest shelters or bunkers, behind armor and parapets. Such striking advantages of products could not but interest the relevant departments. I. Tsarev writes: “Publications began to appear in the press, telling about design bureaus, where devices of remote influence on the human mind were created; with reference to a former employee of the KGB of the USSR, it was reported about special generators with the help of which individual apartments in large cities were irradiated for a long time.” This information was fully confirmed.

Both in Russia and in the United States, law enforcement agencies have been experimenting with new technologies for more than half a century. Louis Slizen, the editor of the American magazine “Microway News”, writes: “The human body is an electrochemical system, and the devices that affect it have already been created. Naturally, in our high-tech country, the military could not help but be interested in such devices. Work in this area has been conducted for more than 30 years and is surrounded by a veil of secrecy. They occupy the laboratories of some universities and five military research centers. The Military Institute for Radiobiological Research in Bethesda, Maryland, was one of the first to develop devices that could affect people not directly, but at a distance (and at a considerable distance)” (56, p. 30). These experiments began in 1965, but the visible results were achieved only by 1980, when special generators of microwave radiation were created, capable of sending commands to the human brain that control its behavior. Moreover, the control device is insignificant in size, it is easy to move it from one point to another. This miracle of military technology is called the pulse-wave myotron. If you direct the radiation directly at a person from a close distance, you can completely suppress his will and paralyze him. The military sees a great future for this device.

The military in the USSR conducted tests of psychotronic weapons on human material on a huge scale, since it was not customary to stand on ceremony with people in the Soviet Union. It was only in the 1990s that it became known that top-secret research was authorized in the USSR as part of a national program for “the study, implementation and technical testing of bioenergetic weapons of destruction in the interests of the country’s defense and security.” For this purpose, branches controlled by the secret services were opened in a number of research institutes. Astronomical amounts of money were funded for the existence of these branches, institutes, and departments. How much of the population was subjected to illegal and secret radiation cannot be calculated even now, as the testing of psychotronic weapons in Russia continues.

There are well-known facts of work on the creation of generators of high-frequency and low-frequency coding of the brain, biolocation installations, on the use of chemical and biological means to create controlled human material. The treatment of the test subjects begins with the suppression of their ability to resist. This is the most important thing. Turn off the control — and you have mastered the mind of another person, you can now do with him/her whatever you want. It is not easy to “turn off” consciousness, and even in several people at once. Therefore, the processing begins with sending a beam of electromagnetic, sound or torsion radiation. People completely lose control over themselves after such a powerful treatment and, if they remain alive, they become manageable.

In the 1950s and 1960s and up to the present time, the tragic rebirth of psychiatry in Russia began, as a result of which the theoretical basis for psychiatric repression was summed up and a whole generation of doctors was formed, who automatically identified people as insane by order of any official, most often with a diagnosis of “schizophrenia”.

The official psychiatry, represented by the heads of the State Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry named after Professor Serbsky and the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, maintains a majestic silence, covering the rot about punitive psychiatry with a facade of illusory well – just as well-looking bouncers guard the entrance to a brothel. The punitive psychiatry, the psychiatry that humiliates the dignity of a person and neglects the rights, in our country, unfortunately, is immortal and continues its existence to this day only in forms hidden from society. In 1988, the Ministry of Health of the USSR had 16 psychiatric hospitals of a special type of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. 776 thousand patients were registered as mental patients. The terrible repressions in the field of psychiatry, which have no analogues in the world practice, must always remain in the memory. “The Law on Psychiatric Care and Guarantees of Citizens’ Rights in its Provision”, which has been in force since 1993, is declarative and does not guarantee any rights. The results of scientific research in the field of studying the effects of electromagnetic fields and acoustic waves on human psychosomatics completely coincide with the feelings of the victims of psychotronic weapons. In both cases, there are: shingles and acute headaches; dizziness; pressure on the eardrum; vibrations of the abdominal wall and chest, individual muscle groups; dry mouth; pain in the teeth and gums; difficult swallowing; hand moisture; pain in the bones and muscles; tremor of the limbs; painful sensations in the genital system; irregular heartbeat; increase or decrease in blood pressure; decrease in visual acuity; cough; increase or decrease in body temperature; coma; itching; swelling of tissues; speech modulation; a state of fear, anxiety, etc.

With targeted radiation, the above-mentioned sensations can be easily controlled, significantly expanded, affect any parts of the brain and body on purpose, and use a person as a radio-controlled model. The list of artificially created diseases and injuries to the health of experimental people fully corresponds to the list of diseases and injuries to the health of people exposed to electromagnetic or acoustic radiation. According to this list, the most common are: malignant tumors; lesions of the cardiovascular system; blood clotting or its disintegration; brain diseases; functional changes or lesions up to fatal in the peripheral and central nervous system; eye diseases; diseases of the genitals; disorders of the musculoskeletal system; bone breakdown; organ damage or rupture; muscle atrophy; endocrine system damage; skin damage; trophic damage – hair loss, brittle nails, etc.

Almost all technologies of psychoprogramming people are provided for mandatory rigid processing of the human psychoenergetic center, which includes: the heart; organs located in the abdominal part; genitals; prostate gland; uterus and its appendages; spine; cerebellum; left and right hemispheres of the brain; frontal lobes; vision; other sensory organs and vocal cords. Serious harm also includes health disorders associated with the complete loss of professional ability to work, which occurred after exposure to radiation for the purpose of causing harm with an emitter prohibited for circulation. After the victim is exposed to electromagnetic radiation exceeding the maximum levels, he/she inevitably receives a disability group that does not allow them to perform their official duties; people generally lose the ability to work. Given the important role of the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus in the implementation of human technical functions, it can be expected that prolonged exposure to the maximum doses of radiation for the purpose of causing harm can lead to mental disorders, including changes in conditioned reflex activity, behavioral reactions, the state of short-term and long-term memory, changes in the bioelectric activity of various brain structures. Also, with the help of such a device, you can subconsciously inspire people with other people’s thoughts and control their actions.

The psychoprogramming can be “hard” and “soft”. The “hard” zombie can often be identified by the “exterior” behavior: detachment on the face, which does not correspond to the emotions expressed in words, unusual color of the whites of the eyes, sluggish intonation of the voice, incorrect speech, lack of ability to concentrate, slow reactions. The “soft” zombie is no different from all other people. Professional zombification is extremely difficult and requires a thorough study of the psychophysiology of the object, the use of special medical and computer equipment, the use of encoders-hypnotists who know the technique of multi-stage hypnosis.

The psychotronic “matryoshka” contains several completely different personalities. When you switch from one to another, your manners, gait, smile, and eye expression change. For zombification, the destruction of a person’s memory is a characteristic, which can be done covertly, at a distance, with the help of an electromagnetic emitter or with the contact method of processing an object with an electric shock. To destroy memory neurons, very painful electrical impulses of 150 volts and a power ten times greater than with conventional convulsive therapy are passed through the human head.

For faster processing, the object is stuffed with drugs and neuroleptics that suppress its will (for example, aminazine). As a confirmation of the above methods of zombification, we can consider several techniques that are used in practice.


Method 1.

  • the person is removed from their former society, the contacts are completely lost;

  • the daily routine should totally contradict his/her previous habits;

  • actively provoking distrust of everyone who surrounds the victim;

  • continuous actions of discrediting (fraud, ridicule) are carried out;

  • the diet is mainly carbohydrate and protein-free, with the addition of mind-numbing drugs (aminazine) and mandatory lack of sleep;

  • after reaching a state of dull indifference, the necessary coding techniques of active suggestion or hypnosis are carried out.


Method 2.

This variant consists of three consecutive steps, such as:

  • brainwashing (clearing the memory of what it once perceived, breaking time-spatial landmarks, creating indifference to both the past and the future);

  • verbal coding (active influence on the mind, in which they put a certain idea and concepts);

  • consolidation (controlling the assimilation of what was implemented).


The technique of implementing these phases is usually following: they use hypnosis and strong sleeping pills (for example, barbamil mixed with aminazine). The above information is confirmed by the enlisted intelligence services of other states or employees of the special services of the USSR and Russia who fled to other countries, officers (the G.U., the KGB-the FSS) and the foreign intelligence services: General Polyakov; General Kalugin; Colonel Zaporozhsky; Major Suvorov-Rezun (fled to England); Colonel Stanislav Lunev (fled to the United States in 1992); Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Gordievsky; Valery Martynov; Boris Yuzhin; Sergey Motorin; Sergei Tretyakov (fled to the United States in October 2000) and many others. The KGB General Oleg Danilovich Kalugin confirms the serial production and use by the KGB of the USSR of weapons that generates radiation (psychotronic one) to cause harm on a massive scale. Moreover, he claims that the KGB of the USSR carried out punitive functions with the help of psychiatrists. Many Russian scientists confirm the conduct of research on electromagnetic and infrasonic, ultrasonic emitters designed to cause harm (weapons that affect radiation).

V. A. Sedletsky confirmed that since 1982, a system of over-the-horizon radar systems has been created in Russia. It soon turned out that the phased antennas included in the complex are also able to work on radiation. At the same time, a single psychotronic field is created that can influence a person’s consciousness. Such antennas were created in Chernobyl and in Krasnoyarsk-26.

They are a part of a system called “The Ball”. It is designed to control the theta rhythm and delta rhythm of the human brain. In the special district of Krasnoyarsk-26, work is being carried out with emitters that affect the human mind and body. More than 20 institutes were engaged in developments in the field of psychotronics.

In the resolution of the Committee of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on Science and Technology, the main organization in the country responsible for the development of non-traditional fields is called the Intersectoral Scientific and Technical Center “Vent”, which was previously called the Center for Non-traditional Technologies of the State Committee of the USSR on Science and Technology. The report in the section “Main directions of research” of the Center directly refers to the remote medical-biological and psychophysical effects on the troops and the population with torsion emitters. The resolution of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR № 58 of July 4, 1991 noted the financing of research of spinal and lepton fields through the Military-Industrial Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR through the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB of the USSR and recommended: “To invite the State Commission for Military-Industrial Issues under the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR, the Ministry of Defense, the GKNT of the USSR, the Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR, the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the USSR to submit to the Committee data on the scale and sources of funding for work on “spinor” fields, “microlepton” fields and related issues”. A. E. Akimov, the Head of “MNTZ Vent”, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences invented a spin-torsion generator that emits funnel-shaped beams of rotation that can “lock” devices (including homing systems). Not only devices, but also the human mind and the entire body are turned off from such an impact. A. E. Akimov confirmed that the production of factory samples of torsion generators has already been established for experimental work.

V. Shepilov from the Moscow center “Eniotekhnika” reports on the availability of combat psychotronic generators that can narrowly affect the vital functions of the human body - respiration, the cardiovascular system, and neural connections. Psychotronic generators, as defined by V. Shepilov, are technical specialized systems, the most important component of which are sources of specially organized inhomogeneous fields that generate weak wave processes, apparently resonant to the subtle mechanisms of the brain and nervous system. Selected operators with special sensitivity to these resonances are able to direct the generated fields to the chosen object and cause it to have certain excited states that differ from the usual ones. Then the operator, holding this new mode, modulates, forms, and imposes the specified state. A wonderful generator for fighting termites (author’s certificate № 139307) was created by Professor G. Bogdanov. The radiation of this device kills insects, paralyzing their nerve centers. When changing the frequency range, you can see the same effect on a person. The defense enterprise “NPO Vympel” has created a prototype of a blaster - a legendary weapon from science fiction novels. The small device has only two batteries of four and a half volts, and the power of the shot reaches 200 kW. The product effectively hits the human material at a distance. The research and production enterprise “Istok” near Moscow builds microwave generators, various converters, amplifiers and other equipment that emits an electromagnetic field. A group of scientists from the largest defense enterprise of our country, “MKB Electron”, made a sensational discovery. In the medical and biological department, headed by V. Kvartalnov, it was found that the so-called psy-quantum radiation is present in the laser radiation. In human blood, under its influence, red blood cells are reborn. As a result, a person has the destruction of the immune system as a whole. This is AIDS in a new package. This information is confirmed by Leonid Vilenchik, the General Director of “Electron”.

The high fences of once secret facilities have become very permeable, and such technologies are already being used for criminal purposes, and this is also facilitated by the extremely low, symbolic salary of scientists. Experts say that at present, various devices and installations that affect the mind and the human body are made completely out of control. They are invented and designed in the Russian Federation for various companies under contracts and for foreign organizations. The appeal of the victims of psychoterror to the Russian parliament contains a demand “to ban and destroy all bioenergetic weapons in Russia  that can have any effect on the mind and mental activity of a person at a distance, cause fatal damage to the life and health of people.” Among other demands – “to immediately stop the psychoterror carried out by state bodies and the scientific mafia”, as well as to introduce articles “providing for punishment for the use of psychotronic and lepton weapons in Russia” into the criminal legislation. The message ends with these words: “Today we are being killed, tomorrow the same fate may follow you and your children”. Thousands of citizens turn to state and law enforcement agencies with a request for help to protect themselves from attacks using various types of emitters used as a weapon of crime and posing a real threat to the life and health of citizens. However, officials now have no time for this, as they are sharing state property, the state forgot to protect its citizens again.

At the very beginning of 1992, there occurred a statement with an urgent demand to prohibit the use of generators as weapons (40). It was signed by the heads of the research centers “Hippocrates” and “Biotechnika”, heads of departments of the Rostov Medical Institute, professors, doctors of science, serious and well-known specialists in their field. Professor V. A. Sedletsky, the Vice-President of the League of Independent Scientists in Ukraine also supports the initiative to supplement the legislation with an article on criminal liability for the use of psychotronic and other types of psychophysical influence on a person. He also argues that it is necessary to provide legal assistance to citizens who have been attacked with these products as a weapon of crime.

The main reason for misunderstanding all these problems by many people, experts consider, is the “invisibility” of harm-radiation acts on our body, bypassing the senses. We cannot hear it, see it, or touch it, but that does not make it less harmful. If we do not take urgent measures, we will face a tragedy that cannot be compared with any mass disease, even with AIDS. The further development of events is unpredictable, since the legislation of the Russian Federation does not establish responsibility for committing an act with various types of emitters that are prohibited for circulation.

The federal law “On Weapons” (paragraph 7, paragraph 1, article 6) prohibits the circulation of weapons and other items whose damaging effect is based on the use of electromagnetic, light, thermal, infrasonic or ultrasonic radiation and which have output parameters exceeding the values established by the state standards of the Russian Federation and the corresponding norms of the Federal Executive Authority in the field of health, as well as these weapons and items produced outside the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Law of the Russian Federation “On the Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population” and Sanitary Rules and Norms also restrict the use of these types of emitters that are prohibited for circulation.

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The murder of Elena Vsevolodovna Blinnikova-Vyazemskaya on “Sokolinaya Gora» 

One of the “victims” of psychotronic influence, a physicist and a colleague of the Moscow Committee of Housing Ecology, Elena Vsevolodovna Blinnikova, was found dead on August 27, 2007. A strange death may have occurred on August 22, in her apartment on the 5th street of Sokolinaya Gora, 27, apartment 99. Her death smells like crime. An elderly woman of the ancient Vyazemsky family, a physicist of the private organization “Pulsar” (the 9th street of Sokolinaya Gora, 23, where military radars and generators were developed), knew a lot. At the beginning of August, she said that the generator was beating hard from the next door apartments (magnetrons, according to her, were stolen at the enterprise “Salyut”) - magnetron radiation was spread on the legs, the head (waves 3-5 cm, 20 cm, 900 Mhz, etc., ultrasound). When she was found by elderly neighbors in the kitchen of her apartment, she was wearing a protective iron helmet on her head. Elena Vsevolodovna was killed by psychotronic criminals. Elena Blinnikova reported that recently the European Court in Strasbourg decided to consider the case on the use of generators, etc. in public, therefore, such scientists, specialists and witnesses as Elena Vsevolodovna Blinnikova, apparently turned out to be superfluous in the lists of witnesses at the trial. Here is the phone number of the police officer Pavel Ivanovich Turovsky - 365-43-30, 25a, the 5th street of Sokolinaya Gora, his chief - 367-74-53, the police department “Sokolinaya Gora” - 369-08-22.


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