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1. Wrap food in plastic bags so that there are no cracks and holes.

2. Close sinks with plugs, and seal the connection points of the pipes in the plumbing tightly so that there are no cracks. Don’t forget the bath. Don’t be lazy.

3. The places of entry of heating and water supply, as well as sewer pipes should not have cracks. The catheters used to deliver aerosols with “chemicals”, or viruses, to the apartment are very thin. Therefore, the putty should be white, so that you can see that you need to urgently push the air out of the apartment. It is best if you put metal couplings.

4. It is better if there is no furniture in the kitchen on the side of the wall to your neighbors. It is possible that you will find a hole used by the SS. Be observant and don’t make fast conclusions. Any holes can be clearly visible only on a well-painted wall. They can be sealed with a metal plate.

5. Do not ventilate, but “push” the air out of the apartment. If necessary, do it at night. According to the instructions, the scums use nights as the main time for terror. Push the air out regularly. SS crimes are committed regularly, so your apartment and furniture are probably “pumped up”. The temperature in an apartment is restored in 5-7 minutes even in winter. Get dressed if you’re afraid of drafts.

6. Do not be lazy to clean and wash. Do not vacuum; fine dust rises with the settled aerosol. If you have to use a vacuum cleaner, then “push” the air out of the room at the same time (close the doors to other rooms).

7. Use dry cleaning carefully, otherwise you may get carpets or things soaked in “chemicals”.

8. Do not buy the same type of food in the same store. It is better if you take products in a supermarket with your own hands.

9. Be careful in pharmacies. Come in there unexpectedly and it’s better to change them.

10. Do not rush to contact virologists and psychiatrists. They have compromised themselves long ago so the possibility of harm is very high.

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