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The criminalization of the society in the era of digital technologies

Good afternoon, dear Russians, my colleagues in the fight against electronic fascism. First, I’d like to congratulate all the Russian people on Russia Day and wish you all a peaceful sky over your heads, health and a happy life without electronic torture and persecution.

I’ll begin my speech with a quote from Egmont Koch and Michael Weh, the Artishok operation: “If these experiments are well conducted, they will never know how it was done or who did it”. It is only about this, - the professional performance of the case.

For 30 years in Europe, they have been deliberately irradiating, torturing, and then killing innocent citizens in their own apartments and homes with psychophysical weapons, harming the human minds and bodies.

Psychophysical weapons are a set of technical, informational, pharmacological, paranormal methods and means of hidden violent influence on a person in order to modify his or her consciousness into the direction needed. This weapon affects both the mind and the physiology of a person. Psychophysical weapons of mass influence were developed and fully created in the 40s in Germany. Experiments to test this weapon were conducted in Wewelsburg, near Paderborn, in Germany. The aim of the project was to turn people into an obedient and manageable herd, the Ahnenerbe project.

As Russian scientists Lopatin and Gurov correctly point out when discussing the effects of electronic weapons in the law on weapons, psychophysical means and methods have an impact on the human body and mind and can change people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior.

This effect is performed by irradiation with weak and high-frequency pulsating electromagnetic fields, as well as by means of acoustic ultrasonic and infrared waves. Citizens in European countries have been severely and secretly attacked for years in their living buildings with high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. For many years, there has been a powerful, highly organized crime that has been able to spread freely over the years and improve its methods and strategies.

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