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The criminalization of the society in the era of digital technologies and weapons based on new physical principles, including weapons affecting radiation


June 12-15, 2020, Moscow

Svetlana Shunin (European Human Rights activist, Germany)


Criminal acts committed with the use of modern electronic technologies in Europe


June 14, 2020


Good afternoon, dear Russians, my colleagues in the fight against electronic fascism. First, I’d like to congratulate all the Russian people on Russia Day and wish you all a peaceful sky over your heads, health and a happy life without electronic torture and persecution.

I’ll begin my speech with a quote from Egmont Koch and Michael Weh, the Artishok operation: “If these experiments are well conducted, they will never know how it was done or who did it”. It is only about this, - the professional performance of the case.

For 30 years in Europe, they have been deliberately irradiating, torturing, and then killing innocent citizens in their own apartments and homes with psychophysical weapons, harming the human minds and bodies.

Psychophysical weapons are a set of technical, informational, pharmacological, paranormal methods and means of hidden violent influence on a person in order to modify his or her consciousness into the direction needed. This weapon affects both the mind and the physiology of a person. Psychophysical weapons of mass influence were developed and fully created in the 40s in Germany. Experiments to test this weapon were conducted in Wewelsburg, near Paderborn, in Germany. The aim of the project was to turn people into an obedient and manageable herd, the Ahnenerbe project.

As Russian scientists Lopatin and Gurov correctly point out when discussing the effects of electronic weapons in the law on weapons, psychophysical means and methods have an impact on the human body and mind and can change people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior.

This effect is performed by irradiation with weak and high-frequency pulsating electromagnetic fields, as well as by means of acoustic ultrasonic and infrared waves. Citizens in European countries have been severely and secretly attacked for years in their living buildings with high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. For many years, there has been a powerful, highly organized crime that has been able to spread freely over the years and improve its methods and strategies.

Since the impact of psychophysical weapons causes different symptoms among people, neuroscientists and criminal intelligence officers in Europe systematically secretly torture people as test subjects. None of the victims would have agreed to such experiments. The attack on innocent citizens with psychophysical weapons is carried out at a certain distance and with appropriate means.

Psychophysical weapons are impossible to see and they leave no trace, but these weapons have an effective impact on the human body at a great distance. Depending on the set modulation and frequency of electromagnetic waves, energy weapons can have different effects and pressure on the entire body, disrupt eyesight and memory, as well as remotely have a large number of other effects. With this weapon, you can kill secretly without leaving a trace. Victims often complain of ringing in the ears, this weapon affects the eyesight, causing burning and irritation. Many of the victims have constant terrible headaches. In other words, the effect literally spreads on all the organs of the human body.

Many victims are deprived of sleep and subjected to intense physical and psychological torture, they try to encourage them to commit suicide or violence. Exhausted by constant torture, disoriented, extremely tired victims are simply trying to survive. Mass organized psychological criminal actions are also used against European citizens. Criminals have the ability to monitor, control, harass and threaten people in their own country and other countries. Their huge achievements can only happen with the participation of state criminal structures and with the financing of the state or international corporations. It is also possible that the criminal system includes some part of the huge internal security apparatus of the country.

The Fourth Reich created a criminal governmental management system with the motto: “Fight against organized crime”, secretly using the tactics of the Stasi and the former German Nazis.

Dr. Thomson, the head of the CIA’s secret operation, under the innocent name of “Artichok”, once cynically remarked: “We were infallible in the eyes of our nation. The fact is that all the most complex and dangerous studies, sometimes with fatal results, were conducted not on Americans and not in the States, but on foreigners in West Germany.”

Thousands of Europeans are victims of torture and organized persecution, as well as satellite surveillance. Many European citizens are deliberately misdiagnosed and put on the lists of the mentally ill; they are placed by criminal doctors and psychiatrists in psychiatric clinics, against their will. The constitutional and human rights of European citizens are being violated and their entire lives, careers, social attitudes and health are being destroyed.

This weapon is manufactured in Germany. Many German companies are involved in the production of energy weapons, including Rheinmetall. Foreign companies are also involved in the production of these technologies. Military special services, criminal structures, international corporations are buyers of these types of weapons, so many victims believe that state structures are behind electronic crimes. The accuracy and the professionalism of the criminals who have been attacking innocent citizens and children for years, and acting carefully, allow us to make a conclusion that the criminals are well-trained professional killers.

The authorities completely ignore this problem. There is no response from politicians and the police to the complaints of victims of electronic terror. Numerous letters and complaints from European citizens to the Bundenstag and Merkel personally have been ignored. The justice system cannot or does not want to accept and process the applications of victims. Although we are talking about constant violations of human rights, but, nevertheless, the legal authorities do not deal with this problem. Despite the existence of numerous facts and evidence against the criminals, no steps are taken. The authorities either protect criminals intentionally or are afraid of their own exposure.

The purpose of modern electronic torture is not only the mockery of citizens, but also the complete destruction of the individual, because as a result of this, a person loses the ability to resist. The choice of modern methods of torture is made by criminals not only physically, but also psychologically: it’s for creating fear, tension, depression, anxiety, irritation, impaired concentration and orientation, memory loss, internal uncertainty and weakness, indifference, hatred and aggression.

At the end of the 20th century, torture was a common practice in Germany. Today, there are more than a hundred states where the military, special services and criminal structures systematically carry out torture on adults and children, and it’s not only physical, but also psychological. A huge number of victims, including children, are in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, France and other countries of Europe and the world, who are daily subjected to electronic terror and non-human electronic torture.

It is very difficult for me to mention the names of the murdered Europeans, among whom there are my dearest fellows, relatives, friends and colleagues in the fight against criminal electronic crimes. German victims, including my husband Sergey Shunin, my aunt Emilia Wegel, my son’s wife Tatiana Shunin, my friends and colleagues (listed: Heiner Goering, Marita Zein, Ruth Gil, Peta Helwig, Gunter Zindatsky, Gabriella Muller, Markus Bot, Christian Schefea, Walter Wiel, Robert Born, Victoria BRUCKNER, Waldemar Scherk, Mikael Friedberger, Alena Schnai, Evelyn Stampel, Walter Maidegler (Switzerland), Astrid Fuks (Austria)) and many others.

Dear colleagues! I ask you to honor our relatives, colleagues and friends who died at the hands of psychotronic fascists with a moment of silence (being silent for a few seconds).

Thank you. Especially today I would like to remember our respected and beloved Rauni-Liina Luukanen Kilde. On February 8, 2015, Rauni-Liina Luukanen Kilde, a prominent political figure, an international human rights activist, a former Minister of Health of Lapland, an anesthesiologist, my friend and colleague in the struggle, who fought for more than 25 years against programming and chipinization of the population, and the experimental American program of mind control in Europe and around the world, was killed in Finland at the hands of the American special services of the CIA and the electronic mafia.

We, peaceful citizens, and our children, are unarmed and powerless, deprived of our basic rights and freedom and self-determination, exhausted by years of non-human torture, but we’re still having a long and unequal struggle against electronic terror by secret criminal gangs, formations and mentally ill politicians and rulers.

These crimes are the largest crimes in Europe, but the law enforcement and justice authorities of the European countries, as well as the main European media, do not want to recognize the catastrophic situation in these countries. No one is investigating crimes, nothing is being done to stop testing electronic technologies and stop conducting experiments and electronic torture on European citizens.

The history of mankind has never known such a terror. It has been years of brutal electronic torture of living people and children. The plan of the new world order has been implemented for many years, but people do not know this, because they are in a state of complete indifference due to manipulation and influence on the distance, and some do not understand what is happening around them at all. The main goal of the new world order is to reduce the world’s population by destroying billions of innocent citizens. The rest are planned to be made slaves and to be controlled.

If we do not stand up today to protect our rights and freedom, to protect our children and grandchildren, then tomorrow it may be too late.

We, humans, came to this Earth as humans. We must live on this wonderful land as human beings.

I would like to end my speech with a quote from Martin Luther King: “We should beware of those who promise us security and ask for our freedom in return. We must admit that part of the price of freedom can be quite unreliable. But the price for complete security is slavery.”

Thank you for your attention!

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