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Psychotronic weapons are being created, improved and tested on people in Russia.


Anti-Human Sprut February 04, 2007


Elena Blinnikova-Vyazemskaya, physicist, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Andrey Ivanov, engineer, member of the Independent Human Rights Committee

Leonid Petrovsky, historian, researcher at the Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Some articles about these weapons have been rarely published in the Soviet press. One of them, published on April 11, 1981 in the newspaper “Red Star” was called “Violence against the mind”. Although, it was spoken about the United States. “The objects of mental control”, as it was said in the article, should first of all be those segments of the American population that particularly annoy the ruling elite. These are desperate people who speak up against racial oppression, unemployment, and poverty. In general, the article outlined a giant anti-human octopus, which, as one of the promising “tools of mind manipulation of great power”, was already in service and used electrical brain stimulation (ESM). It was in the effect of electrical impulses on the human brain centers by direct contact or by remote control. It is clear that the same anti-human octopus, spreading its many criminal tentacles in the USSR, was one of the greatest state secrets. The method of psychotronic processing is based on the discoveries of our compatriot Boris Georgievich Mikhailovsky. 

It is known about him that in the late 30s he was a researcher at the X-ray Institute of the Crimean People’s Commissariat of Health, a member of the All-Union Society of Surgeons and in the All-Union Society of Radiologists, as well as a member of the Crimean Scientific Association. In the second half of the 30s, he was arrested by the NKVD, where he continued his research in the basements of Lubyanka. In the middle of 30s, B. G. Mikhailovsky discovered that various combinations of electromagnetic impulses with a duration of 30 m/s to 1.25 s, repeated at a frequency of 20-0. 4 Hz and modulated on a carrier radio frequency in the range of medium and short waves, affect certain areas of the brain responsible for both emotional mood and the work of individual functional organs. Mikhailovsky suggested using the method he invented for treating certain diseases. However, already in that period which was marked by mass repressions and the massacre of political opponents, in the NKVD system, they began tortures using high-frequency radiation and drugs. In June 1993, the Academy of New Thinking heard the report by V.T. Slepukha, candidate of Technical Sciences, former prisoner N 1A-659 of “the Rechlag of the MGB of the USSR”. 

Here is what was stated in this report: “A similar phenomenon in its nature, which became the basis for the development of a method of psychotropic treatment , is the “radio sound effect”, the reaction of the human body to the impulses of microwave radiation, expressed in the appearance of auditory sensations of various timbre shades, which drew the attention of staff members of radar stations, who accidentally found themselves in the range of the radiating antenna. Later it was found that a similar rocking of individual parts of the brain can produce other radiation, for example, laser, X-ray, delivered by pulses that provide an instant step change in the radiated power. 

The method of psychotronic processing was developed in the Soviet Union, and it is widely used in Russia; in consequence of its technical features, it is conveniently called a network, since the power of a bioenergy generator is introduced through a system of filters directly into house networks (lighting, telephone, general television, radio network, security alarm system etc.) of a residential building. This method of creating a high-frequency radio field, inside the building, is energetically rational and provides a hidden application of psychotronic processing, since 10 meters from the building, PTO signals are no longer seen. The results of psychotronic processing of residents in houses can be irreversible injuries and even premature death. After the publications about psychotronic processing of the population in the USSR and Russia appeared, the Federal Security Service developed a special plan for “masking the psychotronic war”. 

The first step was an article by the former deputy director of the FSS (then in the name of the department there was a word “counter-intelligence”) A. P. Bykov in the newspaper “The Working Tribune” on December 30, 1994. The thing is that shortly before this, an article titled “Where does our consciousness turn?, with the subtitle “Psychotropic weapons in Russia and the history of their creation”, by a member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Cosmonautics Federation A. Ptushenko, was placed on the pages of this newspaper. The article by A. P. Bykov was titled as follows: “There are no psychotronic weapons in Russia and they have never been”. And then, A. P. Bykov led a conversation about psychotropic effects, saying about psychotropic weapons something in between. Bykov claimed that “for various kinds of treating people with microwave radiation of ultra-infrasound”, they would allegedly need only “large-sized generators and emitters”. “Reports, he continued, about special generators, with the help of which individual apartments in large cities have been irradiated for a long time, are more interesting for a psychiatrist than for a natural scientist”. 

And further, “in Russia, “psychotropic weapons” do not exist now, and it is unlikely that they will appear in the nearest future”. The psy-weapon continues operating. The position of A. P. Bykov naturally excited the representatives of the Information Center for Human Rights. The center held a discussion of the article and compiled a reference, which, in our opinion, is a reasonable analysis of the position of the former deputy director of the FSS. Here is one of the passages: 

“The interviewee did not make a mistake (Bykov’s article was made in the form of an interview), in that there is no such position called psy-weapons, a weapon of psychotropic influence, on the list of the equipment available in service. In such documents, which are reflected in the State Planning Committee and in the industrial technical plan, there are other things: microwave generators, laser, ultrasonic, X-ray emitters; extremely high frequencies of millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths, radio and ultrasonic range, infrared ultraviolet isotope, gamma, and other radiation receivers for all types of ranges; converters of ultrasonic and radio emissions into sound and vision; special means of transmitting data and images over telephone, television and radio; means for docking receivers of signals and television or computer equipment, etc. 

At the same time, a number of lists also include equipment for monitoring the presence of radiation by type and power. But these are not lists of nomenclature for a general consumer, these are special lists for works of the military-industrial complex, which are not available not only to ordinary people, but also to organizations of sanitary and epidemiological service and even to civil defense departments in cities”. 

The equipment from the list is included in the hardware systems created for studying a person as a biological object in the conditions of his/her daily life. In most cases, this research and development is conducted in secret, with the use of various types of inventions that affect the human mind and can lead it to a tragic ending. It seems that we need full information about this kind of activity from various organizations, such as the SPA “Energia”, the scientific center “Hippocrates”, “SVCH-Biotechnika” of the Kharkiv Research Institute of Cryobiology, etc. This is also confirmed by different publications, which reveal one or another part of the secret scene of these organizations.

 “You can put an entire stadium, a concert hall, or a military unit into a 10-minute sleep by using psychotropic weapons,” says S. A. Gorchakov, the former head of a top-secret laboratory. During this dream, you can suggest anything to the subject. In our experiments, we change people’s names and professions, erase their memory or, on the contrary, add new information to it. “The Ray” device can turn a group of people into a wild herd that will laugh, shout, run away, just from 50 meters, depending on the installation. SPA “Energia” is a huge biogenerator that can inject drugs and even deadly poison into people at a great distance, etc.” (“Smena”, St. Petersburg 2EOa 1994).  

It is hard to believe that the former deputy director of the FSS did not have this information. In the early 90s in the Union, dozens of organizations operated under control of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the KGB under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. They participated in the development and research in the field of psychotronic weapons, as well as specialized in the in-line production. Let us name some of them, leading development and research: the Scientific Center under the State Committee of Science and Technology (now the joint-stock company “Ven”", CEO A. Akimov), The Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (The Director, Academician Yu. V. Gulyaev), The Institute of Problems of Materials Science (Kiev), Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI), Moscow Institute of Radio Electronics and Automation (MIRZA), the research complex “Eniotekhnika”, etc. Manufacturing facilities are “Oktava” factory (Kiev) (specialized in producing biogenerators), a numbered factory of psychotropic equipment (Deputy General Director V. Martynov), “Hippocrates” centers (the Head M. Kaiman), “Biotechnika" (the Director Ya.Tantshin), The enterprise “Intrlok” (The General Director V. Voloshenko) and others. 

The purpose of psychotronic products was determined earlier by the Central Committee of the CPSU, and the customers were the Ministry of Defense, the State Security Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They used this technique as a means for the defense of the country and for the individual treatment of political figures, diplomatic staff of foreign missions, dissidents, human rights defenders, etc. Research tests were conducted on volunteers and, according to a special permit, on individual groups and individuals who were not informed about the “mind control”. 

The testing of the installation “Radioson” in the military unit 71592, where it was created (in Novosibirsk), is also well-known. The report on this test was heard at the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The authors of the invention called it “The Impact on biological objects by modulated electrical and electromagnetic pulses”. Research organizations and manufacturing companies have started producing various types of psychotropic generators and electronic control devices.

 Depending on the signal generated by psychotronic generators, they can be divided into the following types: infrasonic, UHF generators, generators of the microwave-EHF bands, generators of the microwave-EHF band with a modulated low-frequency signal, and ultrasonic and X-ray emitters. All these types of generators have found their place in medicine, but there these devices are used for treatment. For special purposes, these achievements of science and technology serve to harm people, and cause great harm to health. Talking about the impact on living organisms, exposure to electromagnetic fields is equivalent to radioactive exposure. Brick walls, concrete floors, wood and other materials and structures can be “transparent” to electromagnetic radiation of a certain wavelength and power. 

At a certain power, all electromagnetic radiation can be felt by a person. At several international conferences “The KGB: yesterday, today, tomorrow”, the audience who took part in their work, including the authors of the article, witnessed the statements of state security officers about the conduct of radioactive experiments by special agencies: “We quietly put, said the former lieutenant colonel of the KGB Ya. Karpovich, a radioactive coin into a dissident’s pocket. If it had been there for 24 hours, then there would have been a stain on the body. This made it possible to monitor a person with the help of equipment.” “I heard that they sprinkled Samizdat with radiation dust to find out the circle of readers” - these are the words of the former KGB General O. Kalugina. “Now they take microwave installations out of Moscow,” said N. Abrosimov, a senior analyst on military and economic security. The authors of the article are ready to take part in the discussion on these issues, both on pages in newspapers and in any audience. In our opinion, it is not the special “FSS working group” who should resolve these issues. 

We think that a permanent commission (committee) should be established at the highest level in the country and similar commissions should be organized in all regions for the prohibition and elimination of any psy-weapons. At the same time, this issue is of international importance, so it is necessary to solve it through the United Nations. In the Russian Federation, it would be useful to have representatives of the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Health, the Human Rights Committee, the Housing Ecology Committee, the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Independent Human Rights Information Center, “the Memorial” Research Center, and others in this commission (committee). The commission must include experts on this issue with an alternative point of view.

It is necessary to involve representatives of the press, radio and television in such work. It should be said about the “microwave weapons” in particular. In the article of S.Vybornov, candidate of military sciences, titled “The Non-lethal weapons” (“Foreign Military Review”, 1993. N4) in the section “The Microwave weapons”, the author says: “radio frequency radiation can disrupt the work of the human brain and the central nervous system, temporarily disable it, cause a feeling of hard-to-bear noises and whistles, affect internal organs”. In the section “Infrasonic weapons”, it is said that “at a low power level it CAN cause an uncontrollable feeling of fear and create panic in a crowd”. “It is believed that infrasonic weapons will be effective against personnel in a shelter.” And also from this article: “The closest to adopting are various types of lasers for blinding personnel...” Tests must be under control of the society. 

In a letter to the President Boris Yeltsin, independent experts of the Union “Shield” said: “The facts of the KGB of the USSR conducting criminal experiments on the effects of ultra-high frequencies (microwave) on human behavioral functions (the creation of biorobots) have now taken on a fairly wide scale. Microwave radiation, especially long-term one, leads to serious destruction of human health and suppresses his will (turns into a biorobot). With the appropriate combination of frequency, focus, and power of radiation, different effects on the heart’s activity and even its arrest are possible. In this regard, we demand an additional investigation of the death of A. D. Sakharov.” This appeal, dated January 20, 1991, ended with a call to entrust a group of deputies with the hearing of the case. The appeal remained without any answer. “We encourage you, colleagues, - A. Baev, O. Gaeenko, B. Petrovsky, P. Simonov, B. Yudin and other major scientists addressed from the pages of “Izvestia” back in December 1991, - to form ethical committees in your scientific institutions; Russian citizens should have guarantees that biomedical science in the country will be done with clean hands.” The article was called “Scientists warn of the danger of biological experiments on humans.” Where are these ethics committees? How many of them have appeared? Who unites their activities? What has been done practically to stop experiments on people? Experts say that at present, various devices and installations of psychotronic influence are made absolutely uncontrolled. 

They are invented and designed in the Russian Federation for various companies and under contracts for foreign organizations. At the meeting called “Russia and the European Convention on Human Rights”, one of the authors of this article, E. V. Blinnikova-Vyazemskaya, analyzed the information received from 94 Russian cities to the Information Center for Human Rights on the use of psychotronic weapons. “The main motive for the complaints of recent years, the report says, is complaints about terror carried out against individuals with the help of electronic equipment. There occurred the term “biological radio-electronic device (abbreviated as the BRED), which includes a fifth-generation computer, i.e. such a computer, in which the dialogue happens not in a machine, but in a human language; - an artificial generator of the biological field - a bio-radio-electronic receiving and transmitting device; - electronic or microwave power emitters: - a laser device for holographic images. 

Studies have shown that the BRED can sense the specifics of the biological radiation of sick human organs, to influence the physical and chemical processes occurring inside the body, to reveal the connections of the cortex and subcortex of the brain. “This is how the BRED detects a sick organ, perceives its signal, repeatedly amplifies it, and creates a field of this type of radiation with a large radius of action in space. The BRED kind of removes a biofield “cast” from a person. Each person can get his or her own “cast”, which will be filed in the computer. 

Moreover, each person can be identified even by a part of this “cast”. Especially you can identify a person with a diseased organ or, even more so, with a set of diseased organs which together give certain pain reactions in the form of a frequency response. 

Identification can processed at unimaginably far distances, using a telephone, television or radio communication system, in combination with a satellite data transmission system using extrasensory influence. By this, for example, an electronic impression is different from a fingerprint, for which the right person must be arrested. It is this ability of the bioradioelectronic device (BRED) that makes it possible to create search engines that search for people with characteristic radio absorption frequencies. According to our data, the most widely used psychotropic drug now is an electronic control device. 

A fairly close analogue is the installation of baggage inspection at airports. Without opening the suitcase, the controller will see everything that is in it. The principle of operation is based on the irradiation of electromagnetic waves of a certain range and the conversion of the reflected signal into a visible image. The same “suitcase” can be your apartment, house, office, block, or street. This is by no means harmless.

 The force of the impact on the body is comparable to radiation exposure. Subjectively, people can feel such fields. The evidence of this are thousands of appeals to the Human Rights Committee, the Committee on Ecology, the Prosecutor’s Office. We believe that in most cases, the same design as the baggage screening device is used for “irradiation”. There is a generator-emitter, a receiver and a converter of reflected signals. 

A generator designed for an apartment or an office can be the size of a tape recorder, the radiator can be floor fittings, electrical wiring, heating pipes or water pipes. The microwave receiver can be a light bulb, telephone wires, etc. There was a lot of talks and writing about the Radioson hypno-emitter. Such a device is able to make people sleep at a distance. However, this is not the entire range of its impact. It can also have disastrous effects including degeneration of a body’s cells, cancer, sciatica, and paralysis. It is all about the exposure and the density of the flow of waves directed at a certain object. It is known that the United States have this kind of programs, for example, “The Blue Bird”, “MK-ultra”, “The Artichoke”, etc. The same and similar programs were carried out in the USSR and are carried out on the territory of Russia. 

The issue of the prohibition and elimination of lethal psychotropic and psychotronic weapons should be immediately put on the agenda. It is up to the public of our country and the whole world to achieve the end of large-scale experiments, the objects of which is a person, health, and life. The authors of the article ask all those who had or are related to the conduct of psychotronic experiments, as well as victims of these tests, representatives of environmental groups, ethical committees, and other groups for the protection of human health and life to send their information on this issue to the editorial office.


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